Investment - Gilded Light Photography
  • Investment

• Standard Session

A 1-Hour Session Great for Annual Family Photos, Photo Cards, Individual Portraits | Starting at $325.00

The Standard Session Includes:

Pre-Session Consultation
10 High-Resolution Retouched Images (Purchase all images for an additional $150.00)
Four  5"x7"  or Two 8"x10" Signature Prints on Ultra Thick Mohawk Super Fine Art Paper
Password-Protected Online Digital Download Gallery
Limited Print Release Form

• Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are a great way to document your life in the environments you love. | Starting at $425.00

Lifestyle Sessions are of a documentarian type of approach; true-life moments that are mainly candid. I take on a different style when photographing in a lifestyle way - I try to find a good mix of being 'barely-there' and executing  'slight direction' to my clients. Think of this type of session as a showcase of what activities you enjoy, and what day to day life consists of.

The Lifestyle Session Includes:

Pre-Session Consultation
25 High-Resolution Retouched Images (Purchase all images for an additional $200.00)
Four  5"x7"  or Two 8"x10" Signature Prints on Ultra Thick Mohawk Super Fine Art Paper
Password-Protected Online Digital Download Gallery
Limited Print Release Form

• Special Events & Weddings | 3+ Hours

Great for Special Events, Receptions, Weddings | Starting with 3 Hour Coverage at  $1,200.00 

A Special Event Session Includes:

- Pre-Session Consultations
- Complimentary Engagement Session with Digital Downloads
- Password-Protected Online Digital Download Galleries
Four 5"x7" + Two 8"x10" Signature Prints on Ultra Thick Mohawk Super Fine Art Paper
- 8.5" x 8.5" 10-page Flush Mount Wedding Album (20 Spreads, 11 Fabric Cover options, 2-Location Foil Stamping. 5+ hours of coverage required. Larger album sizes available)
- Limited Print Release

* My wedding photography pricing is often tailored to the needs of my clients. I prefer to sit down with you at a face to face consultation to determine your needs and establish pricing based upon your photography needs and desires. For ease of inquiries and general questions, standard pricing is listed here for your reference. Please do feel free to Contact Me for a customized quote. *

Image Printing and the Importance of Printed Heirlooms

Choosing a high quality printer is something that is very important to us. While we prefer to print your images as a service to you, we live in a digital age and for your printing convenience, we offer a Limited Print Release with our Digital Collections. Our limited print release allows our clients to print their high resolution digital images at a selection of carefully chosen professional labs. However, we implore you to consider the benefits of printed heirlooms. Just as we are in a rapidly changing digital age, the formats change often enough to warrant a strong consideration to have your images printed. 

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Engagement and Wedding Photography.

Need something else?

Contact me for a Custom Quote.

Payments via PayPal Terms: Payments for high resolution images will include an online gallery that will be transferred electronically.

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