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Overlooking Cuivre River - An Engagement Story with Elizabeth & Tony

November 8, 2016
Cuivre River State Park, Missouri

When avid adventurers Elizabeth and Tony agreed to explore Cuivre River State Park for their engagement session, I was thrilled. What better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than out among nature? The weather was beautiful and it was refreshing to get out from behind the computer, explore a new location and get some much-needed fresh air.

Arriving early to scout out a few places (in particular, a bluff overlooking a body of water) we met a few friendly ladies on the equestrian trail that pointed us in the direction of Frenchman's Bluff Trail. Upon arrival we knew this would be the perfect spot to end our session, just as the sun was due to set.

As we began the engagement session, the sun was higher in the sky so we retreated out into the woods near the base of Lake Lincoln. 

  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0131
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0200

Once the sun set a little more, we made our way to the northern tip of Lake Lincoln. I had originally planned to create a particular image using small islands in the lake. However, the recent rainfall raised the water levels and my little islands disappeared. Instead, I photographed further away and then closer from a different angle. I was pleased with the result!

  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0232
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0253
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0247AS

After a quick hike back to do an outfit change, we began to head towards Frenchman's Bluff Trail. Along the way we noticed how the foliage on the side of the road was ignited with beautiful, golden light. Luckily there was a place nearby to pull over (this park lacks shoulders along most roads) and we quickly jumped out to take a few images.

  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0260
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0268

On our way to the bluffs, we stopped to take a few images in a creek. I loved the curvature of the trees in the background and the subtle blues from the water. The scenery resulted in a beautiful mix of Autumnal colors...and a pretty romantic scene, I must say.


After a short hike along the trail and a decently steep climb, we reached the top of the bluffs just as the sun began to set. Perfect timing! With the forest ablaze with gilded sunlight and the cool tones of the Cuivre River below, we finished our session here, atop Frenchman's Bluff.

  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0382
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0386
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0383
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0387
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0384
  • Gilded_Light_Schlee-Bertram_0388

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