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Sheliah & Jay - Two Peas in a Pod

November 15, 2015
Downtown Saint Louis Riverfront
Park Avenue

When Sheliah and Jay extended the opportunity to capture their engagement photos, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. On a mild and breezy afternoon we first met near the City Diner to begin shooting, but not knowing the immense crowds of (1) the Blues Game and (2) a show at the Fox, we quickly retreated to the Riverfront to begin our session. 

But let me back up for a moment.

I first met Sheliah in college. We both worked part time as federal work-study students in a collegiate financial aid office. What started off as a casual co-worker relationship would blossom into a friendship that I hold very, very dear to my heart. Sheliah is the epitome of beauty, truth and genuineness. She is always honest, and always herself. There are few people I hold in such high regard. Even after college as we've both began our busy lives of careers and our families (and she, continuing on earning her Masters Degree and currently working towards another), she has been an incredible friend and someone I can always truly depend on. We've been through thick and thin. And in those thin moments years ago I truly realized just how much she meant to me. There has never been a person to stand by my side in such a way. I am truly thankful for her existence in my life.

That is why I was so honored to capture her engagement and why I am beyond excited to serve as her Maid of Honor at her upcoming Spring 2016 wedding.

Ok now, back to the photo session. 

Grand Boulevard was very crowded so my last-minute effort was to begin shooting at the Riverfront. I am so glad we did! We were able to incorporate some great scenery and textures into their images.

  • IMG_0035
  • IMG_0045

The Saint Louis Riverfront is full of interesting locations. The rusty browns of this scene really offered some beautiful color to these images.

  • IMG_0094C
  • IMG_0093

We enjoyed a quick stroll down the Riverfront before heading back towards some dilapidated buildings. 

  • IMG_0116
  • IMG_0129
  • IMG_0130

  • IMG_0155
  • IMG_0185C
  • IMG_0229

  • IMG_0292
  • IMG_0311
  • IMG_0325

After our time in the city, we retreated to the cozy surroundings of Lafayette Square to finish the session. What a beautiful Autumn day!

Wishing you a very happy Wedding Day!

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