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Congratulations on your
engagement & upcoming wedding!

Here you will find helpful information and answers to common questions regarding our Engagement & Wedding Photography sessions. I would love to meet up with you in person (over coffee or a drink) to chat & learn more about your wedding. Contact Me to set up an in-person consultation.

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What to Expect - Your Engagement Session

The Engagement Session provides a great opportunity for us to get to know each other before the BIG day. Knowing and trusting your photographer is an important key to having genuinely great photographs. We strive to create a fun and comfortable experience and love to get your creative input. Your complimentary Engagement Session will last about an hour at your choice of location in the Greater St. Louis area.

We recommend personalizing your engagement session. You are welcome to bring items that are special to you both. Often times, pets are a couple's 'first children' together. We love animals and encourage you to bring your pets to your session!

A password-protected image gallery of downloadable, high resolution images will be delivered to you approximately 4 weeks after your engagement session.

What to Expect - Your Wedding Day

We are here to capture one of the most important days in your new life together. It will be a day full of emotion…and scrambling to get everything done on time! Worry not. We are experienced at wedding day coverage and will be happy to help keep things moving smoothly. Our best advice on your wedding day? Take your time and enjoy yourself! We know that this is much easier said than done. You will have so many thoughts racing through your mind, but we will try to remind you to slow down, smile and above all - enjoy each and every moment.

Matthew is terrific with wedding day logistics while I focus on capturing every detail. Our approach to documenting your ceremony is an unobtrusive one. We strive to move about and capture your ceremony with the least amount of distraction possible. Expect a blend of traditional, journalistic and creative photography.

Wedding Photography Pricing

Starting with 3 Hour Coverage at  $1,200.00 

Your Wedding Photography Package Includes:

- Pre-Session Consultations
- Complimentary Engagement Session with Digital Downloads
- Password-Protected Online Digital Download Galleries
- 8.5" x 8.5" 10-page (20 spreads, 11 fabric cover options) Flush Mount Wedding Album  (5+ hours of coverage required, larger sizes available)    
- Limited Print Release

How many images will we receive?

This is a difficult question to answer because every wedding is different! For an average, 8 hour wedding, I will deliver approximately a minimum of 400-600 fully edited photographs. This of course varies depending on many factors, but I strive to produce a minimum of 20 images per hour of coverage. Photography is my artwork, so I do not deliver unedited, raw image files. I personally edit and retouch every image before delivering your high resolution files. 

When will we receive our wedding images?

Your images will be delivered approximately 12-14 weeks after your wedding day. Your wedding images will be cherished for a lifetime - a fact I take seriously. I personally edit all of my photographs, and I do take the extra care in making sure what I deliver to you is of the highest quality. I know that waiting for your images to be completed is I'll provide ample sneak peeks along the way.

Products Available

- Flush mount albums
- Printed Images on Fine Art Archival-Grade Papers
- Thick, fine art prints with textured finish
- Folded Cards and other Stationery
- Photo calendars (loose monthly sheets with wooden backing)

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